WPTC24 Wire Transfer

TT Money To Nagaworld

Thank you for your interest our inaugural WPT Cambodia Passport to the World Championship. Players who wish to transfer money for the WPT Cambodia Passport to the World Championship which will be held at Naga world in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 12-23 July, 2024 (the “event”) please take note of the T&C at the bottom and do the following:

1) TT minimum of 10,000 USD before June 30, 2024 to:

Account No.: 101-0121-0000-0008-8
Bank: CIMB Bank PLC

Bank Address: No. 60, Preah Monivong Boulevard, Phum 10, Sangkat Voat Phnum, Khan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Intermediary: Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA

Please mention “July WPT TT” in the notes section of the TT form to your bank.

 2) Fill out and submit form (click on link below):

 WPTC24 Ad 750x400 1

3) Nagaworld will email you with a request for you to submit your picture of your TT and passport photo page.

4) After you submit your TT and passport photo page, Nagaworld will email you when the funds have been released by our bank.

5) Go to WPT cashier VIP window (far right hand window located in the ballroom level 2 Naga1)
to use your funds to register for any July 12-23, 2024 WPT tournament

Terms & Conditions:

• Minimum $10,000 USD transfer.
• All banking fees borne by player.
• Funds will be made available after funds are released by our bank – please allow 5-7 working days to receive funds.
Funds can only be used for WPT tournament entries (no cash game buy ins permitted).
• Any unused funds can either:
– Be left on deposit at Nagaworld treasury for future tournament events or
– Be returned to the originating bank


The remaining balance of the buy-in payments (if any) after the end of the Event (the “Remaining Sum”) will be transferred back to the same bank account of the Relevant Participant (the “Transaction”)from which it was received. The Player is requested to provide these details to Nagaworld. However, due to various banking requirements and regulations that may apply at the Relevant Participant’s recipient bank as well as to Nagaworld’s bank in Cambodia, there is no warranty or guarantee of any kind that the Remaining Sum will be successfully transferred to the Relevant Participant’s account. NagaWorld will not be responsible and will accept no responsibility for (i) any unsuccessful fund transfer that may occur or (ii) any issue or requirement that may arise out of or related to the Transaction.